About the Journal

The rule of law is the bedrock of democracy and free markets. Democracy cannot function without the rule of law because the machinery of democracy, the free and fair election, depends on the the political leaders’ acceptance of the results and noninterference with the proceedings. Prosperity, the product of functioning free markets, similarly cannot grow without the rule of law because that growth depends on people being confident that their property is secure and that business dealings will be conducted fairly. In a globalized world, it is also the bedrock of and international peace and security. Terrorists and traffickers can operate with impunity in states in which the rule of law is weak or non-existent. But what is the “rule of law,” and how, from one nation to the next, should “rule of law” be built?

The DePaul Rule of Law Journal seeks to define “rule of law,” propose new rule-of-law initiatives and critique existing ones, and discuss how rule of law can be established or strengthened in different states and at different times. The Journal is dynamic, studentrun internet forum for armed forces, businesses, concerned citizens, government actors, international organizations, judges, lawyers, non-governmental organizations, scholars, and students who are interested or actively engaged in building the rule of law. We hope to start a conversation amongst our readers--a conversation we hope you will join by contributing an article to us, attending the events we will hold, and becoming a reader yourself.